What were your favorite things to do when you were young?

TLB: I grew up on a horse farm in Kentucky where my family raised Morgan horses. Sometimes my dad bought horses with bad habits like bucking or running away. My sister and I rode them every day, spending lots of time talking to them and gaining their trust. And we had a great time competing in horse shows. But it was sad, too. As soon as those bad horses “learned their manners” we sold them and bought a new naughty horse or two to tame.

DLD: That’s amazing that you were around horses; that seems like a dream place to live.
I loved math problems and sketching complicated architecture. I would represent my school at math competitions. I liked to say that I was a mathlete.

Tami: That’s totally foreign to me! I was so so so not a mathlete! But my sister was great at math. She’s an architect now!