Favorite books as a kid:

TLB: Go Dog Go And I do like her hat!! DLD: The Man Who Didn’t Wash His Dishes by Phyllis Krasilovksy and Barbara Cooney released in 1977! I just loved this character.

Favorite weather:

TLB: Crisp fall sunshine DLD: Pouring down rain (a “gully washer!”).

Favorite word:

TLB: Effervescent. I love anything that sparkles! DLD: Tintinnabulation. This goes back to 5th grade spelling bee.

Early Bird Writer or Night Owl?

TLB: I don’t like waking up early but that’s when I do my best writing. When I’m on deadline I get up at 4 am to write. There’s something about writing in a silent house in the dark as the sun begins to rise that gets my creative juices flowing. DLD: Early bird, early bird,… Read more »

Love revision or hate it?

TLB: I love revision almost as much as I love PB&J sandwiches. I could revise a manuscript FOREVER. My editor has to pry the final draft out of my hands. DLD: Well, I love the research and the initial draft. Revision, not so much.

Favorite or least favorite vegetable?

TLB: I really love vegetables. Especially spinach. When I was in elementary school I ate everyone else’s spinach at lunch one day. This was not a wise digestive decision. DLD: I dislike soggy green beans, like those in the cafeteria at school. I love crunchy green beans. I didn’t know they could be crunchy and… Read more »

PB&J or Mac & Cheese?

TLB: How can I choose between my two FAVORITE foods? In a pinch I choose PB&J- as long as the bread is soft and there’s cherry jelly. DLD: That’s easy…hand’s down mac & cheese with ketchup mixed in.

Favorite stationary item?

TLB: I love love love love love fountain pens (does a pen count as a stationary item?) I write with a yellow fountain pen filled with purple ink. It makes me feel quirky. DLD: All of them, I especially love the smell of a stationary store. Going to purchase new school supplies was my favorite… Read more »