Adele Mildred Koss

Adele Mildred Koss (1928-2012). Known as “Milly,” she worked on the UNIVAC I with Grace Hopper at Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation (EMCC). Accolades include the Grade Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing Award, given to her in 1997, and the Ada Lovelace Award, which was given to her in 2000. Milly..Explore More

Joyce Aylard

Joyce Aylard (1925) was evacuated from London at the beginning of WWII and eventually joined the Women’s Royal Naval Service in 1943 where she was assigned to Eastcote. At Eastcote, she worked on breaking the Enigma code. Joyce said that it was top secret work and when she was finally..Explore More

Jean Jennings Bartik

Jean Jennings Bartik (1924-2011) was born on a farm in Gentry County, Missouri. She “read voraciously as a child and longed to leave Missouri. She saw marriage as an impediment to her desire for adventure claiming, “Why would I want to get married I haven’t been anywhere I haven’t done..Explore More

Ruth Teitelbaum

Ruth Teitelbaum (1924–1986) was one of the first computer programmers in the world. Teitelbaum was one of the original programmers, along with Jean, Betty, Kay and Marlyn Meltzer and Frances Spence, for the ENIAC computer.

Frances Spence

Frances Spence (1922-2012), born in Philadelphia, was one of the original six programmers for the first electronic digital computer (the ENIAC). Six women–all amazing in math–worked as “human computers” on this ground breaking machine called ENIAC.She was also associated with the analog computing machine known as a Differntial Analyzer, which..Explore More

Marlyn Meltzer

Marlyn Meltzer (1922 – 2008) was one of the first computer programmers in the world. Meltzer was one of the original programmers, along with Jean, Betty, Kay and Ruth Teitlebaum and Frances Spence, for the ENIAC computer.

Kathleen Booth

Kathleen Booth (1922) was born in Stourbridge, England. She is known for creating the assembly language and design of the assembler for the first Automatic Relay Computer (ARC) at Birkbeck college in London. At this time, she was part of one of the smallest British computer groups. After being credited..Explore More

Kay McNulty Mauchly

Kay McNulty Mauchly (1021-2006) was born in Ireland. On the night of her birth, her father was arrested for participating in the Irish Republican Army. After he was released, the family immigrated to America. At this time Kay only spoke Gaelic. She received a scholarship to attend college and took..Explore More

Louise Pearsall

Louise Pearsall (1920-2010) was one of the first enlisted class of the WAVES, which is the Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service. She was a US Navy Cryptologic Mathematician during WWII.

Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson (1918-2020) was a brilliant American mathematician. Katherine co-authored 26 scientific papers. She worked on calculatiions of orbital mechanics at NASA and she was critical to the success of the first and subsequent US Crewed spaceflights. NASA noted her “historical role as one of the first African-American women to..Explore More