Janet Walker

In 1985, Janet Walker developed the Symbolics Document Examiner, a system which implements hypertext. Without Janet Walker– no bookmarks on the internet!

Diane Kelly

Diane Kelly studies the design and use of computer technology, specifically the interfaces between people and computers. She graduated from Rutgers University and the University of Alabama and was the recipient of the Karen Sparck-Jones Award in 2012.  She said “My slogan is: ‘Computing is too important to be left to men. I think women… Read more »

Jaime Teevan

Jaime Teevan (1976) graduated Computer Science from Yale University and received her Ph.D. and S.M. from MIT. She is the Chief Scientist for Microsoft’s Experiences and Devices where she is known for her research in human-computer interaction and information retrieval. Jaime is also known for her work on “microproductivity” which is breaking down complex tasks… Read more »

Shafi Goldwasser

Shafrira “Shafi” Goldwasser, born in 1958, is an American-Israeli computer scientist and winner of the Turing Award in 2012. She is the RSA Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, a professor of mathematical sciences at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, co-founder and chief scientist of Duality Technologie and the director of… Read more »

Susan Kare

Susan Kare, born February 5, 1954, worked with Steve Jobs to design the original icons for the Macintosh. Kare designed the moving watch, paintbrush and trash can elements that made Macs user-friendly and changed the way we all use personal computers. She worked for Apple until the mid-1980s, going on to work on icons for… Read more »

Christine Darden

Christine Darden, born September 10, 1942, began working for NASA’s computing pool in 1967 having graduated from the Hampton Institute. Women were involved in the development of Whirlwind, including Judy Clapp. She created the prototype for an air defense system for Whirlwind which used radar input to track planes in the air and could direct… Read more »

Margaret Hamilton

Margaret  Hamilton (born August 17, 1936) is an American computer scientist, systems engineer and business owner. Between 1961 and 1963, she began to study software reliability while she was working at the US SAGE air defense system. She developed on-board flight software for NASA’s Apollo space program as director of the Software Engineering Division of… Read more »

Joyce Little

Joyce Currie Little is a computer scientist and educator as well as an engineer. She taught computer science courses for over 30 years at San Diego State University, Goucher College, Community College of Baltimore and Towson University. She also developed programs to analyze data from models being tested in a wind tunnel for Convair Aircraft… Read more »

Hu Qiheng

Madam Hu Qiheng (b 1934) is a Chinese computer scientist that led the National Computing and Networking Facility of China team to bring the Internet to China’s mainland. She was instrumental is allowing TCP/IP connection into China. Madam Hu was educated as an engineer in Moscow and then received a PhD in Technical Science. She… Read more »

Jake Feinler

“Jake” Feinler, born Elizabeth Jocelyn Feinler (1931) grew up in Wheeling, West Virginia. After graduating with a degree in chemistry, she did graduate work at biochemistry at Purdue. She pioneered and managed the ARPANET, and then the Defense Data Network. A fun fact is that while she was a Director for the Network Information Systems… Read more »