Tami and Debbie

The Sound Of A Coronation

Queen Victoria commanded “Make me a coronation crown of purple velvet and silver and gold…” This poster hung in the window of the royal jeweler, Rundell Bridge & Co. bragging that they’d created the masterpiece crown “in obedience to the command of her most sacred majesty Queen Victoria.” The Queen was amused. We can see… Read more »

Download Science Experiments And Use The Scientific Method

William Perkin was one of the first scientists to use the scientific method. He identified a problem, did research to understand the issues involved, formed a hypothesis, performed an experiment, analyzed the results, and shared with others. You can perform experiments using the scientific method, too. SoundWaves  (pdf download) RightOrLeft(pdf download) PingPongMagic (pdf download) PaperTowelMagic… Read more »

March is Women’s History Month!

March is Women’s History Month and Debbie and Tami are celebrating with 31 Heroines of Computer Science! Click here to explore 31 incredible women- from Nicole-Reine Lepaute to Jaime Teevan— and don’t forget Betty, Jean and Kay— who’ve pioneered computer science. Thousands of brilliant woman made computers what they are today and these are some… Read more »


 The American Society for Engineering Education, the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association, the National Science Teachers Association, the Society of Elementary Presidential Awardees, and the Children’s Book Council selected INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED as one of 31 BEST STEM BOOKS for K-12! We’re thrilled! But that’s not all– INSTRUCTIONS also was named a 2020 NSTA-CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book!… Read more »

Instructors’ Guide

Disney created an incredible Instructors’ Guide for INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED. Find everything from discussion questions to dancing with code to videos and more! Click here to download your free INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED Instructors’ Guide.

Come See Us In October

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The Algorithm Game

Computer programs are written with a series of steps. An algorithm is that series or the order in which the computer performs the steps. A story is also a sort of algorithm. In INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED the three young women, Betty, Jean and Kay wanted to be mathematicians and, later, more specifically, computer programmers. To… Read more »