We know what Victoria was thinking. Finding that purple velvet for her coronation crown was tricky– before William Perkin came along.

We can finally spill the beans! Disney will publish our second STEM picture book biography, Perkin’s Purple! We fell in love with the story of William Perkin, a teenaged boy who loved chemistry at a time when it was considered almost a form of witchcraft.

Add in Queen Victoria, Empress Eugenie, velvet and silk… and the color purple!

If that’s not enough– as an adult William found a primitive chemistry lab in his grandfather’s cottage cellar. William’s grandfather had been a real life alchemist!

Perkin’s Purple is an almost magical true story of the boy responsible for the “invention of the method of invention,” changing the way all modern scientists think about problems then proceed to solve them.

We are so lucky to have Francesca Sanna join us on this very special project!

Perkin’s Purple will be illustrated by Francesca Sanna and published by Disney in 2020.